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Moose Antler Chandeliers

The magnificent and massive Moose, Alces alces, is the largest and heaviest extant species in the deer family and is easily distinguished by the broad shovel-like antlers of the males that resemble an open hand.  Female moose do not grow antlers.  Most other deer species' antlers have twig-like (dendritic) configurations - an exception is the Fallow Deer, whose antlers resemble small moose antlers.  Moose antlers can span up to six feet or more, and are great for making massive moose antler chandeliers. Unlike most deer species, moose do not travel in herds and are solitary animals except for mating season. The majestic moose is the second largest of extant terrestrial wildlife in North America, Europe and Siberia behind the two species of bison. 

Real Antler Chandeliers is thrilled to be able to offer our customers and impressive collection of authentic moose antler chandeliers. If you want the most massive and bold of all antler lighting, choose from our diverse selection of Moose antler chandeliers below. Each quality antler chandelier is handcrafted in Colordo, USA with equal focus on making a piece of art, as well as a functional lighting.  Electrical wiring is artfully concealed within the antlers to have the most natural looking moose antler chandelier possible. The antlers used to craft these chandeliers are collected from the wild each year after the moose no longer need them - no animals are ever harmed.  All of are moose antler chandeliers is delivered free to your curbside in 48 states, and each moose antler chandelier come with mounting hardware (canopy, chain, eye-bolt, etc.) and mounting instructions

Hidalgo - Moose Antler Chandelier - 6 Antler, 8 Light
Was: $5,975.00 - $6,105.00
Now: $4,979.00 - $5,109.00
Hidalgo - Moose Antler Chandelier - 9 Antler, 18 Light
Was: $10,845.00 - $10,975.00
Now: $9,039.00 - $9,169.00
Hidalgo - Moose Antler Chandelier - Two Tier
Was: $15,045.00 - $15,175.00
Now: $12,539.00 - $12,669.00
Peak - Great Room Moose Antler Chandelier - 16 Light

Large Great Room Moose Antler Chandelier

Was: $8,399.00
Now: $6,999.00
Peak - Oval Moose Antler Chandelier - 9 Light

Oval Moose Antler Chandelier

Was: $3,095.00
Now: $2,579.00