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Dome Antler Chandeliers & Antler Lighting

If you prefer the "dome" style of antler chandelier, which has a large dome on the bottom with extra lighting, we have a number of selections with rustic character and distinction to match your own personal style and flair. Our elk and fallow deer dome antler chandeliers for sale below have multiple bulbs in the dome, which affords more downward lighting than our standard antler chandeliers that just have candle lights.

All of our dome style antler chandeliers are made in Colorado, USA upon order and generally ship within 4-6 weeks.  All of our dome antler chandeliers are eligible for free curbside delivery to 48 states.

Thank you for shopping at Real Antler Chandeliers for your dome antler chandelier needs.  If you have any questions, please call us toll free at 866-923-6932 and we will be glad to assist you.

Oval Rawhide Elk Antler Chandelier
Peak - Rawhide Elk Antler Chandelier w/ Optional Bronzes
Was: $6,775.00 - $7,975.00
Now: $5,645.00 - $6,845.00
Rawhide Mica Elk Antler Chandelier
Peak - Rawhide Mica Elk Antler Chandelier
Was: $6,748.75 - $8,248.75
Now: $5,399.00 - $6,899.00